The New Northwest Passage

Sung honoring Stan Rogers' "Northwest Passage," an achingly beautiful ballad every Canadian knows. Youtube has the Rogers' version, for the tune.
Lyrics modified by Michael Jensen, 'Doc Michael at


Chasing one more dime,
   we have made the Northwest Passage,
We've warmed the Arctic waters
    far from where they ought to be
We've got not much time
   to save all that's wild and savage
and bring the Arctic ice back
   to the sea

Verse 1:
The CO2 is rising
   over sea and over land;
the atmosphere is nowhere near
   what it was when we began.
Acidic seas are rising,
   and nothing's like we planned --
It's time for us to make
   our final stand


Verse 2:
We're fishing out the waters
   of the once abundant seas.
We're watching the collapsing
   of the birds and bats and bees.
We find our toxic waste within
   all flesh and blood and bone --
What have we made
   of our one, only home?


Verse 3:
How is it we're so different from
   the first ones through this way?
Like them, we found abundant life;
   we're throwing it away.
To make the Northwest Passage
   is a metaphor of men --
It's time we find
   the Passage home again.


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