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Humoring the Horror
of the Converging Emergencies

It's not enough that we've made jokes about 5,000+ stories of impending ecosystem and economic collapse. Now, we've gone one step too far.

We've written a book.

Humoring is a quick, funny, terrifying read: a few short hours, tops. It's got pathos, and bathos, and fart jokes, while explaining Species Collapse, Resource Depletion, Climate Chaos, Infectious Disease, and Biology Breach. Then, we confront them in concert (whew, that chapter rocks). And then, we talk about the possibility of Recovery.

It's a lighthearted romp through the dark underbelly of envirocide. We've been quipping the collapse for more than three years -- and we know that we have no more time to be farting around. It's all happening faster than expected, and it's time to awaken to the nightmare of what we're doing to ourselves.

This book is probably the only one like it that you can laugh at.

And it's now in print! Things are happening way too fast for us to do anything but print it ourselves, in full color -- and you can read the entire book online, for free. Buy the print version to support us -- the Xmas price is only $15. Our unit cost is $7.44, and postage is a couple of bucks. Each purchase means we can send another one out to a potential reviewer, and help promote the general awakening of society -- the same awakening that we've been experiencing ourselves.

No matter what, please read it. If, after reading, you've been moved, pass it on to your church committee, to your reading group, to your social network. Pass it on to your children, to your young adults, your just-moved-away-from-homers. Pass it on to your colleagues, or to your teammates. Pass it on to those who might appreciate fart jokes about envirocide.

We don't have much time to fix what we've broken. This book may help nudge us in the right direction by laughing at the mess we've made.

Early Reviews:

Paul Sturm, on Facebook, Feb 20, 2010:
"Michael Jensen and Jim Poyser have done it again. For the first time! After reading their new FREE book on our eco-tastrophe, I can only say: my emotions are depleted to dangerously low levels, my thoughts are clear-cut and fully de-forested, my mental aquifer has been drained of all reasonable reaction. Their flash-flood of verbiage rips through our policy-barren sociopolitical landscape like crap through an Alaskan Moose loitering on Trans Alaska Pipeline System land... Learn more at their [site]. Resistance is juvenile."

Desdemona Despair, March, 2010
"It's [90] pages of face-slapping wake-up call, which begins with a quick summary of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross's five stages of grief, and then dives into an overview of their big themes.... And a sweeping overview it is.... informative and entertaining, and Desdemona heartily recommends it to anybody who suspects that things are much worse than they ever suspected."